Zimmer Electric Dermatome

When it comes to skin grafting instruments, Zimmer, with over 50 years of experience, not only gives you the power of precision, but also the power of choice.You choose the power source that works best for you with the Zimmer® Air or Electric Dermatome skin grafting instruments. Both deliver a smooth cutting action that produce clean, uniform grafts.

Accuracy and Precision

  • Precise cut thicknesses up to .030 inch (0.76mm) in easily adjustable .002 inch (0.05mm) increments
  • Width plates range from one to four inches (2.5 to 10cm) in one inch increments

Easy-To-Use with Added Safety

  • Exceptional maneuverability with less hand fatigue
  • Safety lever to help prevent accidental activation
  • Blades are supplied sterile and don't require lubrication

Air or Electric Power

  • 5,000 – 6,000 cycles/minute high speed cutting action
  • Air powered model includes nitrogen hose that exhausts 10 ft. away from surgical site
  • Electric powered model includes a power source with 4.3 amp capability

Simple Maintenance

  • Air and Electric Dermatomes are available with an autoclave case which holds all components during processing
  • Lubeless motor
  • Smooth head design facilitates cleaning to eliminate contaminant accumulation
  • Fast repair service with loaner instruments available


With the Zimmer Air and Electric Dermatomes you get accurate cuts time and time again. Both deliver smooth, high-speed cutting action which allows for virtually effortless cutting. Cut thicknesses are easily selected and constantly maintained using a calibrated dial. Uniform graft widths are maintained with width plates that insert quickly and easily. Our precision cutting blades are packaged sterile and require no lubrication for ultimate convenience.


Maneuverable and easy-to-use, the Zimmer Air and Electric Dermatomes feature slim hand pieces that are easy to hold and control with either hand. Their sleek, articulate design provides a natural fit to enhance accuracy and lower hand fatigue. Both instruments, which are quiet and nearly vibration-free, are activated using a handle-mounted switch. Because safety is always a concern, we have incorporated a safety lever to help prevent accidental activation during handling.


The power of Zimmer's skin grafting instruments doesn't stop with performance. We've also made them simple to maintain for convenience and durability. It starts with a motor that requires no lubrication and blades that are easily inserted without damaging the cutting edge. Our skin grafting instruments are designed for easy, thorough cleaning. They can be sterilized by both prevacuum and gravity air displacement steam sterilization methods. If your instrument is ever in need of repair, Zimmer provides fast, effective service with loan units available upon request. The hand pieces and power supply include a one-year warranty.