Zimmer® Air Dermatome II - The Evolution of Precision

For over 50 years, the Zimmer® Dermatome has been the standard in the industry, providing reliability and the "power of precision" time after time. Proprietary innovations have been added that simplify set-up, reduce sharps exposure, allow for soaking, and allow for automated washing. These innovations are designed increase efficiencies and safety.

Smoother Set-up

A proprietary width plate locking mechanism ensures correct installation to keep the width plate and blade in the proper position during the retrieval of a graft. It’s so well designed that only one locking screw is needed, saving you precious OR time.

Better Blade / Cover Assembly

Each blade is packaged in a plastic cover, reducing sharps risk during installation. A proprietary blade key / notch ensures blades are installed correctly every time, for greater confidence.

Easy Cleaning

A double-sealed swivel valve connector, along with a new coating means you can immerse it, soak it, and wash it without concern. For more information please downloand the IFU on this page.

Case Continuity

The autoclave case consists of a standard stackable Zimmer sterilization case with a lift out tray to help you maximize your space.