Zimmer® Air Dermatome

The Zimmer® Air Dermatome was the first air powered dermatome designed by Zimmer. The small diameter handle and lightweight design has become a trusted device in hundreds of operating rooms around the world. This device requires annual preventative maintenance.

Easy-To-Use with Added Safety

  • Exceptional maneuverability with less hand fatigue
  • Graft thicknesses up to .030 inch (0.76mm) in easily adjustable .002 inch (0.05mm) increments
  • Safety lever to help prevent accidental activation
  • Width plates range from one to four inches (2.5 to 10cm) in one inch increments
  • Blades are supplied sterile and don’t require lubrication
  • 5,000 – 6,000 cycles/minute high speed cutting action
  • Includes nitrogen hose that exhausts 10 ft. away from surgical site

Simple Maintenance

  • Autoclave case which holds all components during processing
  • Lubeless motor
  • Repair service with loaner instruments available