Zimmer Fluid Waste Management

Designed by nurses, Zimmer’s Transposal® UltrafleX Fluid Waste Management System provides a safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly solution to bio-burden removal during surgery.

The fully closed fluid waste system provides the needed level of protection from OR fluid waste exposure for healthcare providers. The UltrafleX system takes the extra precaution of applying an EPA-approved disinfectant during the cleaning process.

UltrafleX Duo or Ultraflex Quad carts simplify fluid collection for a variety of surgical cases with on-board regulated suction and class-leading fluid capacity.

Through the use of proprietary enzymatic cleaners and a closed system process, the UltrafleX system reduces costly OR red bag waste by up to 70% with reusable reservoirs.

Recommended Service
Ensure your HCPs are protected from bio-burden exposure by ensuring your fluid waste management equipment is regularly maintained by trained experts. Like most critical OR equipment, periodic preventative maintenance is highly recommended to ensure your investment operates at the appropriate level throughout its lifetime.

The complexities of modern surgery place a burden on any healthcare facility to maintain equipment uptime. Servicing your equipment at the regularly recommended intervals will mitigate the unexpected events that can compromise smooth OR operations.

Zimmer offers a broad range of services to keep your Fluid Waste Management equipment at peak condition over its designed lifetime. Zimmer has highly trained technicians available for full service support. Additionally, daily use and maintenance training is available for hospital personnel upon request at no additional cost. Support for your service technicians is always available by calling Zimmer Biomet Customer Service at (888) 466-6633.

Contact Zimmer for your OR Fluid Waste Management service today and enjoy the support of trusted experts.