Tissue Bank Dermatome

Zimmer had more than 50 years of experience in skin graft instrument design and manufacturing when it introduced the Zimmer® Tissue Bank Dermatome. This dermatome is designed to meet the special needs of tissue banks in retrieving donor skin. It features a wide range of cutting thickness options from 0 to .060in. (0 to 1.52 mm) with a cutting speed of 5,000 to 6,000 cycles per minute. A heavy duty motor, along with special stainless steel cutting blades, gives the Zimmer® Tissue Bank Dermatome the ability to retrieve quality tissue with minimal effort.

Better Control, Less Fatigue

Zimmer incorporated extra power and durability in the motor for the Zimmer® Tissue Bank Dermatome, without the extra weight that compromises maneuverability. The lightweight unit is durable, yet easy to hold and control with less fatigue for the operator. To ease maintenance, the motor never requires lubrication.

Steam Autoclavable = Less Downtime

The Zimmer® Tissue Bank Dermatome can be steam autoclaved for minimal downtime between procedures. An optional autoclave case conveniently holds all components for easy storage and transportation.

Quality Cut from Precision Blades

Honed from stainless steel for maximum sharpness, these blades require fewer changes during procedures. The blades are also pre-sterilized for added convenience. These blades provide consistent quality grafts and even cuts.

Control Switch Located for Convenience

The On / Off switch for the Tissue Bank is conveniently located on the top of the Dermatome handle for easy activation. A "safe" position is designed to prevent activation during blade change and when the Dermatome is not in use.

Zimmer® Tissue Bank Dermatome Features

  • Wide range of graft thickness options, from 0.00 to .060 inches
  • Streamlined for easy maneuverability and less hand fatigue
  • Steam autoclaved for convenience and fast turnaround
  • Blades require no lubrication
  • Width plates options include 3" and 4"
  • Power Supply options include 110, 120 or 240 volts
  • Convenient, 15-foot power cord from hand piece to power supply