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CSTAR™ Service Programs FAQs


Q: What does the one year limited warranty cover?

A: Any kind of material defect or workmanship related issue that affects your equipment.  It covers things that would have happened during the manufacture of the device, before you purchased it.


Q: What does the Extended Warranty cover?

A: Like the one year limited warranty, it covers material defect or workmanship related issues.  The difference is that you can purchase up to five years of total warranty coverage.


Q: What does the No-Fault Warranty cover?

A: In addition to what’s covered under the other warranties, the No-Fault Warranty covers any kind of accidental damage that might occur to the device during normal use and operation.  For example, if in the course of normal operation, a Zimmer® Air Dermatome is dropped on the ground, and it breaks, the CSTAR Program will fix it at no additional charge if you’ve purchased the 5 Star service program, which includes the No-Fault Warranty.


Q: Is preventative maintenance included in the 5 Star and 4 Star Service programs?

A: For any specific equipment where PM is recommended, yes.  The mission of the CSTAR Program is to make sure your equipment is taken care of throughout its lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Q: Are parts and labor included on all repairs and PM?

A: Yes


Q: Is the cost of travel time for any service techs that have to come on site covered?

A: Yes


Q: Who services my equipment?

A: Expert CSTAR service technicians will conduct all service, either on site or at our certified repair center in Dover, OH.


Q: When can I purchase a CSTAR program?

A: Anytime within five years of the purchase date of the equipment, up to a maximum of five years of coverage.


Q: How does that work?

A: Let’s say you purchase a service program at the time of your equipment purchase.  You could purchase up to five years of coverage at the same time.  If instead, you wait until your device is two years old, you could still purchase a service program, but only for three more years.


Q: Can I purchase service programs for equipment I bought a few years ago?

A: Yes, as long as it’s not five years old yet.


Q: What are the payment terms?

A: You can pay for your service program as a lump sum, annually, quarterly, or monthly.


Q: How do I get in touch with a Zimmer representative?

A: Click anywhere on this website where it says “Contact Us” and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.