Dual Trigger Power Handpiece

  • Double Trigger hand piece designed for both battery and electric power sources as well as the traditional pneumatic
  • Lightweight, ergonomic hand piece design for optimal balance and control
  • A single, modular hand piece works with a variety of attachments for Drilling, Reaming, Pin/Wire Driving, Sawing, and other specialized techniques
  • Modularity eliminates the need for dedicated hand pieces, reducing the total number of hand pieces needed in each set

Power Sources

Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Sterile and Aseptic Transfer batteries deliver 2x the power, 1/2 the weight, 15 minutes of total discharge - no more battery charges in the OR
  • Save with lithium-ion batteries, featuring an average life span that is more than 2x the life of traditional nickel-based technology

Electric Power System

  • Utilizes the battery hand piece, eliminating the need for dual inventories
  • Delivers the same power performance as battery technology, with the ability to use it as a battery back-up, ensuring no disruptions


  • Original power source for surgical power tools utilize wall or compressed air sources
  • Connector and hose lengths available to meet most OR requirements

Choose Your Attachment

  • A wide array of attachments for use with a singular modular hand piece meet the requirements of most implant systems, including:
    • Sawing
    • Reaming
    • Drilling
    • Pin/Wire Driving
    • Specialized Techniques - Intramedullary Reamer and Radiolucent Drill attachments
    • Four different speeds for reaming and drilling including the industry best torque value